10 Differences Between The Guy You Will Marry And The Boy You Are Dating

How does every woman dream about her life partner? Is she looking for a man or a boy? Is there any difference between a boy and a man? Yes, a man focuses on who you are and your character, but a boy focuses on your appearance. A man is more responsible and mature where a woman feels more comfortable to deal with. He should be a perfect lover and that’s all you need.

1. A man determined on paying up when it comes to consequences like dates, they might never allow you to pay, therefore, and would gracefully backtrack, however, once a fierce fight, a man never think twice to be the freeloader.

2. A man desires to be with you and sleep with you often, even though they don’t have the required maturity to travel deeper on the far side bed-hopping. However, he doesn’t want to fulfill his carnal wishes, but he does expect it. He is just waiting until you are an agreeing participant and all he wants is to put a ring on your finger.

3. A man would never think of betraying you for sex or your feelings. He always respects you and your feelings.

4. Is he committed enough? That’s an issue that every woman faces. Guys stay with you for fun, but they are not committed and scared to be responsible but a man plays the opposite role.

5. The life of a guy is very simple. They only think about the present and how to satisfy it. But the man who wants to marry you is different. He wants you to make plans with you for the future.

6. A guy is much selfish. He gives priority for his desires, interests, and hobbies and he doesn’t bother about your ambitions, opportunities, and interests. A man is different. He is selfless and he wants to put you before him.

7. A man expresses all his feelings and never hides those from you. He wants to share his life events. A guy is different, he never completely reveals about them to you.

8. A woman wants a man to allocate time for her. A man will try his best to be with you, but a guy will keep you waiting and always play with your time and life.

9. A guy would hesitate to meet your friends or closed ones because he is unsure that how they will accept him, and he is not interested too but a man is always interested and doesn’t mind about your friends.

10. Parents are a big influence on your marriage, a man who marries you will always be close with you and your family because he wants to be a part of it, but a guy always hesitates to do so.