10 Reasons Why You Should Never Mess With An Empath, EVER

There are people in the world who can feel what others feel because they are much more sensitive to the surroundings than ordinary people. They are called by the Greek term ‘Empath’.

Sadness is when an empath feel the negative energy of the others; he tends to act with that bitterness and ill feeling by absorbing it to his bones and being unable to distinguish the difference between his own feelings and the feelings that are coming from external sources. So that most of the time they would be misdiagnosed as victims of depression or low-self-esteem. Below is a great advice for them.

“Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.” – William Gibson

They are frustrated by the world in many occasions and below are the 10 reasons why you should never mess up with an empath; ever.

1) They could detect Lies immediately despite big or small

When anyone come out with a harmless lie or huge lie they will definitely sense the dishonesty and discomfort in it. In fact they won’t sort it out to 100% but yet they will get some warning alarms inside them. This could also be defined as the most powerful strength that empaths are blessed with.

2) They could easily spot wolves in sheep’s clothing

Empaths are much smarter compared to others in their age. Although some people act like saints all the time; they have secret and poisonous objectives. But they are totally powerless in front of empaths since they can see-through any falsehood and witness the reality.

3) They can perfectly distinguish sarcasm over flattering

Cunning people always try flattering around to take advantage. Every single word they speak out come with an uncovered objective. But that advantage couldn’t be obtained with empaths since they could easily distinguish sarcasm under the fake praise.

4)They can easily discover yourhatred or jealousy.

Empaths could easily sense when a person pretends to be a friend but hold the grudge and hatred inside. They know exactly whether you have moved on and changed or still holding on to it.

5) Your prejudices are known by them.

Some extremely judgmental people do exist among us. Some of them like racists and religious extremistspublicly declare their thoughts and hatred towards others whereas there are someof them hide it deep inside. By the way; Empaths will sense your prejudices by any means.

6) They know when you are not okay.

It’s your choice to be open with them or not. But you should no they can feel the discomfort, unhappiness, frustration and depression covered with your simple “I’m okay”. They can be good companions to you because they feel the way you do.

7) They know when you don’t fully commit.

Sometimes in life people act strange not because they wish to do so but because they are not comfortable with what they are and what they do. An empath can explore when you are not giving out your full potential and even the reason for it.

8) They identify when you act in a self-destructive way.

We have encountered people who has got very harmful self-destructive habits. Some always try to become the victim to make drama and grab attention whereas some act like a weird tough guy but very scared and shy inside. But an empath can easily detect your self- destructive habits.

9) We know when you wear a mask.

Some people try to cover-up themselves because they think no one would accept them as who they are. They just create drama by playing the role of someone else. Although the ordinary people would get caught; an empath can easily recognize when you are wearing a mask.

10) Selfish intentions could be discovered by them

Empaths love to give away their energy for the benefit of others but they know when you are using them to achieve your selfish purposes or welcoming the help generously with gratitude.

So finally I think it’s clear for you that why you shouldn’t mess with an empath. Simply because they know what you are up to. Act genuinely when you are with them and I’m pretty sure you will never find a better companion or an adviser like a empath from anywhere else in the world.