Do you feel a Deceased loved on is nearby you? Then read below 10 signs

If they really love they won’t leave you.

Maybe you have faced various circumstances where you feel like the people who passed away try to contact you in different ways. Go through the following signs to understand what they are trying to say,

  1. In your dreams

The time we sleep is the best time where external spirits can influence us. When we fall asleep our vibrational energy rises and contact with the higher energy of spirits because our unconscious minds are more responsive when we sleep.

These dreams are very realistic, and you might remember them when you wake up as well.

Be mindful to pay attention to these kinds of dream because they may be giving some messages.

2. Fragrance

The scent is something which is very close to a person and relates to memory. The smell shows the presence of the spirit, it may come as a perfume they usually used, flowers or anything they used to like.

3. Missing items

You must have noticed that items disappear suddenly without you knowing. They shift the places they used to be. This is because of the spirits living with us. Especially things like jewelry, smoking pipes and flasks are among those items

4. Songs

Songs is another way which they choose to convey messages. You might have noticed the songs playing in your car suddenly changes to some other random music while you are driving. This is definitely because of the external force and your loved one is trying to pass message to you.

5. Through thoughts and feelings

Our loved ones try to make us aware of certain things through the mind. You might have been influenced by someone in your mind while you are driving. They make us aware to drive safe and slowly. This doesn’t come from us or our own thought, this is how they influence and protect us. That’s why you don’t hear the first person’s voice. For an example “You’re going to be late” will come to your mind instead of “I’m going to be late”.

6. Unhoped gifts

What we all love specially when we are distressed and disappointed. How will you feel if you receive a gift from a loved one coincidently? These gifts inspire and motivate us, and they might be from a deceased person as well.

7. The exact person at exact time

Have you ever met someone whom you feel like the most perfect one? Is it all because of your destiny, is it something happened coincidently, or could it be the loved one who is trying to make you close to someone?

8. During funeral

The dead person attends his or her own funeral says psychic James Van Praagh. They come to their families and friends to heal and comfort their loved ones. You might have felt like touching and comforting during funerals.

9. Pets

Animals are sensitive and responsive in this. They can see when these spirits appear in front of them. That’s why the dogs start wagging his tail or cats start meowing without no reason. It is because their owners come to see them as spirits. This is the same for the pets as well, they too come to see their owners as spirits.

10. Similar habits

People continue to do the things as spirits how they used to do when they were alive. This is one special sign which shows that the spirits are living with us if we know what their habits were when they were alive. So be alert on this.