10 Warning Signs that you’re dealing with a Truly Evil Person

We all have met evil people in fairy tales. But do they really exist? Yes, they do in many forms. Unlike in fairy-tales they don’t have any ugly faces or huge bodies; so that we cannot identify them at the first glance. I never recommend you to deal with such a person hence his abusive actions could even ruin your entire life.

The best option is to stay away from them. But how can you recognize them?

Below are the 10 signs of an evil person.

1. Denying Reality

Never accepts the reality even if you explain it to them with considerable number of strong facts. They would actually neglect the facts and remain in their strange and twisted opinion without being opened up for a debate or critical conversation because they are never ready to face the reality with their naked eyes.

2. Withholding Information

When a situation arises which can change your impression on them; they will twist the situation or cover it up by withholding that information. They’ll never take the risk of losing you by showing their real face to you.

3. Misleading

If they witness any information that they could use they will definitely utilize those to mislead you. If further explained; they will make you dependents of themselves which will make you feel insecure and vulnerable and which will support them to mislead you for their own benefits.

4. Constant Lying

They will bring up number of lies to change the way you think about them and to get control over you. If a lie is caught in any case they will tell you another fake reason for lying just to make you feel sorry.

5. Feeling No Remorse

They have no regrets about their wrong doings or the people that they hurt. They are on the concept of using anything or anyone to make benefits for themselves.

6. Avoiding Responsibility

Neither they worry nor do they take the responsibilities regarding the crimes or wrong doings that they have committed. Instead when they feel
like the blame is coming on their way they will redirect it to others by any means.

7. Manipulating

They could be defined as champions of manipulation. They are very observant and exactly know how to grab everyone’s attention for something else and even to make anyone feel stupid and worthless.

8. Fair-Weather Friends

Even if they come to rescue you; that will also be done with another motive by their side. They will never help you out for a pure and genuine purpose so never seek help from these people.

9. Steal Your Time

You will not notice this in the beginning. But if you keep a track of time of the conversations with them; you’ll definitely notice. They are stealing your precious time to engage in worthless small talks just to spend their time. If you recognize then get over it.

10. Double sided Lives

Their entire life is a lie. They have depicted different pictures of them in front of different people to make use of them. So that they always stay I control and keep acting their double sided role in order to save their pockets.

Evil people just don’t ruin only their lives; they ruin yours too.

When they feel like they are going to be exposed they’ll become dictating and so dangerous which could make you lose your inner balance.

So keep in mind; if you are dealing with an abusive person with above signs I warn you either to stay away or talk to a trust worthy person.