12 reasons why older men date younger women

Nowadays we see a lot of couples with huge age gaps like 10 to 15 years. We feel weird right? And wonder why such young ladies would commit to a relationship with these old men and why they prefer younger ladies? By the way it’s not illegal and the world accepts it.

In this article we present you with 12 reasons men prefer to date much younger women when compared to them.

1. Energetic nature of youth

Young age is the most energetic age. With the time when you get older lot droppings in health like joint pain, back pain and low energy. But younger women contains of lot of stamina in them and older men just love it.

2. Overcoming crisis in mid-age

It would be inconvenient for a man who has not achieved much in life by mid age; to live with a women of the same age because they seek stability, accomplishment and security from their man. Hence older men see dating younger women as an alternative to overcome their insecurities and validate themselves.

3. Physical beauty

Indeed this is one of the major deciding factor for older men to prefer much younger women. They have much shinning and fitter physical bodies. Furthermore they get easily excited over new things which older women doesn’t even care. These features attract older men even more.

4. Younger doesn’t seek for long term relationships

This is the brutal truth. Older men never want to be engaged in serious and long term relationships. Because they hate the burden of responsibility. Younger women tend to move on quickly since they have quite a lot of option. Hence old men prefer them more.

5. Secrecy

People are always enthusiastic to engage in forbidden activities secretly. These relationships run secretly because in most of the times the older man and the younger women are from two separate social circles. It’s a huge advantage for older men.

6. Flexibility of younger

Younger women are physically open to experiments which allows them to achieve their dark fantasies that older women would refuse to do. This encourages older to date younger women.

7. Lesser Stress and responsibility

Older men seek for responsible men with a significant work background whereas younger women are satisfied with little things. Older men prefer younger because they are easy to deal with much lesser stress and responsibility. This is identified as a much prominent factor.

8. Less commitment

Since younger women are busy with their carrier lives; they will have less time to search on their man. Emotional attachment will not be their priority. So the older men can secure their carefree lives with much less commitment towards the relationship

9. Could gain Control easily

He is the eldest and experienced one in the relationship. So they get the control and easily dominate the younger women. Most of the time younger women stay obedient and men love it.

10. Could Feed the Ego

They assume dating a younger women is a victory. It creates a certain image and authority around them that even young women still fall for him which quenches his ego

11. Less probability for rejection

Even young women prefer maturity and stability over age. And they don’t challenge the respect and ego of the older. Hence there’s less probability in being rejected.

12. Adventurous nature

Younger women are still exploring life. So they are much into adventurous things which allows older men to gain a life full of enthusiasm and thrill that they lack.