Photos Of Overworked Doctors Go Viral And Prove That They Too Are Human Beings

    The COVID-19 or the Coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc on our planet. However, it seems that the virus is just starting to warm up. The number of infected keeps increasing day by day around the world with over 60,000 cases in Italy and 50,000 in the US. It’s tragic how each day we hit a new milestone. At the same time, Spain faces over 3,000 losses, including a record number of deaths of 793 within a day, and 6,820 deaths reported in Italy.

    As things are going haywire, humanity seems to be facing one of its greatest pressures in the 21st century. The most important people battling on the frontlines against the virus are medical workers. They are helping people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and risk their lives to save ours. They are the people who work their hardest for the wellbeing of our parents, grandparents, children, brothers and sisters.

    Even though what they do day in and day out is nothing short of superheroic, just like us, they are also human. From bleeding to coughing to getting sick and dying, they’re just like us… Because they are needed, for the greater good, they don’t really get the choice whether to lounge around at home or go to work. We will be nothing without their absolute commitment and sacrifice to help us.

    Nicola Sgarbi

    When you go through these 34 heartbreaking, gut-wrenching photos of overworked and exhausted doctors, it will prove to you that they, too are human…

    Pavla Kovaříková
    Lisa Miller Delport
    Benjamin Ong