3-Year-Old Russian Drummer Leads Orchestra of Adult Musicians

An adorable moment was caught in camera eye when a Russian little drummer who is only 3 years old led the orchestra of number of adult musicians.

The video of this little incredible drummer has gone viral all over the internet!

Initially this little boy,Lyonya Shilovsky who lives in Novosibirsk appeared on the Russian talent show Minute of Fam which paved the way for him to present in spotlight

He leads the orchestra of these adult musicians like a king. The musicians are led through Jacques Offenbach’s Orpheus in Underworld or Can-Can.

It is really amazing the way he remembers everything even without giving glance at a paper; he firmly memorizes diminuendos, crescendos and even accompanying rhythms.

He even performs a solo encore which made fans and adult musicians speechless with amusement!

At last after this magical performance, Lyonya receives a flower bouquet and take a bow which he truly deserved.

The above incredible event happened at New State Concert Hall of Arnold Katz in Novosibirsk.

Number of fans have appreciated the skill of Lyonya as a drummer.

One fan among them said something exceptional which we noted too J

‘Ha! So cute! Love the look at the end! He wanted to play all night!’