4 Warning Signs To Confirm That Your Home Is The Root Of Your Anger And Stress

Energy is everywhere and could be witnessed in everything. Energy flow should be balanced inside a house. Because when old and negative energy is not cleared it can affect your lives in a harmful way. And once it is sorted out it will support you for a healthy and happy life.And Feng Shui is a practice for that.

At first you will feel that Feng Shui is weird ; but when you look deeply into the philosophy you will understand that it is based on some common-sense practices to make home healthier and more organized. And also you will get to know how we are related to our homes and the impact they have on our lives. This Feng Shui practice is very similar to spring clean or comfortable home decoration.

With the above approach we are going to tell you 4 signs to confirm that your home is the major cause for your stress and anger with the ways to avoid them.

1. Clutter causes stress

No clutter is the cardinal rule in Feng Shui. Energy flow should be uninterrupted for a healthier home. But cluttering disturbs the energy flow creating negative energy whereas decluttering has the inverse effect. So take 10 to 15 minutes a day to clear your home to throwaway or organize the clutter everywhere.

2. Entrance door blocked

Have you ever heard that first impression is the best impression? Entrance way is the first impression to your home. And it sets the tone of the entire home acting as a focal point. So never block the entrance with shoes or any other things. But it’s okay to keep some architectural piece that you love which give more welcoming impression that would please the people who enter.

3. Unclear and Untidy air allover

If the air all over consist of dust and smudge that is a sign that to confirm that your home is the root of your stress and anger. Remember that energy is everything and it is everywhere. And keep in mind if you fight with your spouse, kids or anyone on the phone; the negative energy is evolving inside. Unclear and untidy air could provoke it too.

To avoid the above issue it is better to plant trees but make sure to  plant trees that grows tall because the smaller ones could be seen like clutter. Plants absorb toxins and purify the home. The bigger plants do the job in a much better way. The pet friendly areca palm tree that grows 7 feet high is the best option because it has even received the NASA stamp of approval for its famous purifying benefits and furthermore it is also one of the easiest trees to grow indoors.

4. Broken things are everywhere

Is your home filled with broken things everywhere that makes you feel anxious and depresses when witnessed. Then that too is a sign and you should get rid of it soon.

First put a red dot in every single thing that needs to be repaired. Take off the dot after the item is repaired. That depicts the symbolic change I energy and it will have a positive impact on you at the same time.

So it is crystal clear if you have the above 4 signs then the cause for your stress and anger is your home. Be fast and get rid of those common mistakes to make your home a happy and organized home which will directly have a positive impact on your physical, mental and social well being.