40-Ton Whale Was Just Filmed Jumping Out of Water Completely And This Epic Video Goes Viral

Humpback whales are relatively large. In fact quite gigantic. A fully grown adult’s average weight is around 36,000 kg, which is about the same weight as 24 adult hippos, but that didn’t stop the huge mammal in the video below from putting on an impressive air show when it recently jumped out of the water in South Africa.

Craig Capehart, a scuba diver who was seated in an inflatable “rubber duck” boat when the majestic giant decided to make an appearance, filmed the video off the coast of Mbotyi in the Indian Ocean.

He believes the whale weighed around 40 tons, but the presence of this majestic creature clearly meant nothing to that. This is how you should observe the animals. Not in glass cages, in their natural habitat.