6 Early Signs of Breast Cancer You Should Be Aware Of

Do you notice a not-so-common bump on your breast? Do you notice unusual pain in a whole or a specific section of your breast? Is redness or widened nipple your major concern? Though these issues might have occurred temporarily or because of improper hygiene and lack of adequate diet, it is equally possible that you’re undergoing breast cancer. Don’t worry! If you aren’t sure about whether its cancerous cells that are causing you trouble then read this guide to find out the early signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

Lack of knowledge regarding your breast health, possible disorders, and early symptoms are some of the major factors that not only develop this terrible disease but people don’t even bother to visit a specialist as they take the early signs of breast cancer for granted. Here’s how to know if you’re suffering from breast cancer:

1. Blood in pee and stools

If you spot blood in your pee or stools or any other ways that aren’t natural, this might be an early sign of breast cancer. Blood accompanied by your stools can be caused due to hemorrhoids, however, you cannot ignore the fact that it is one of the signs of colon and breast cancer.

2. Loss of appetite

Do you have shorter meals? Are you losing weight rapidly? Do you vomit after having your meals? is your vomit accompanied by blood? These can turn out to be the major signs of breast cancer. Though weight loss occurs because of several factors such as thyroid, tension, or inadequate diet, if you loss 10-15 pounds all of a sudden then it’s a time to be cautioned.

3. Abnormal changes in your breast

Not all breast lumps can be a sign of breast cancer but some of them are. Usually, if you notice a big bump on your breast and it doesn’t fade away over time, you should approach a doctor right away. Moreover, if your breast lump goes with:

  • Skin puckering
  • Nipples turning inward
  • Sudden mounting or redness of your breast.

Then, it becomes quite mandatory to consult your doctor immediately. Apart from the physical test, the doctor would conduct exams such as biopsy and mammogram to ascertain the disease.

4. Bloating

Bloating is natural. However, if you notice blood and weight loss together with bloating that worsens with time then it’s a time you consult with your doctor. Severe bloating which constantly occurs with blood can also be a sign of colon, gastrointestinal, breast, pancreatic, and ovarian cancer.

5. Unexpected bleeding apart from a period

Sometimes a woman may experience an uneven menstrual cycle in which they tend to spot blood between their periods. While it can be caused due to hormonal imbalance, chances are you might have developed breast cancer.

6. Nipple discharge

While it’s not always a warning sign of breast cancer but yes, the sudden bloody or milky discharge from your nipples that lasts for weeks can be a warning sign. According to the cancer specialists, nipple discharge should not always be mistaken with cancer as there can be other reasons causing blood discharge from your nipple. However, if it goes to an extreme level and you don’t observe any relief, visit your doctor and get your breast diagnosed.


Today, it is vital to have knowledge about the structure of a normal breast and how it feels like. According to popular research, 1 out of every 6 women is diagnosed with breast cancer in recent times. Ever wondered why the number of breast cancer patients is increasing by leaps and bounds? People living an unhygienic life, deprived of proper nutrition, and simply the ones who aren’t aware of the symptoms of breast cancer are more apt to suffer from this terrible disease.

As having read this guide, you’d have got essential information about the early signs of breast cancer. So don’t delay! If you notice any unusual change in your breast, approach your doctor, and get treatment. Good Luck!

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