6 Great Reasons Why Dogs Truly Are Man’s Best Friend

Dogs are one of the most amazing animals in the world. No matter whether they are happily jumping around trying to make you walk them, giving their puppy eyes to get food, or even just wagging their tails in joy when you get back home from work, the simple things they do bring a certain amount of happiness to our lives.

Well here’re more endearing reasons as to why these four-legged fur balls will always remain our best friend:

1. They will do anything for you

Dogs are truly amazing animals, and they do astounding things for their owners or for their pups. They would put their life on the line in a heartbeat in any kind of hazardous situations. If you ask why we bond so well with them, it would be because we know that when push comes to the shove, they won’t hesitate to do anything for us, even give up their own life.

2. They are a great company

Any time that we feel sad, depressed, and alone, our dog will always be there beside you, with that look that can lift up our spirits within seconds. We get so used to the fact they run around being their goofy selves, the house feels empty and bigger when they are no longer with us. Dogs are purely a blessing to have around, and it is one of the many reasons that they are considered to be a man’s best friend.

3. Dogs will help you stay healthy

Our dogs will help us any way they can to lift up our spirits no matter how much stress we’re handling. Whatever we do with them, from taking them on a walk in the park or playing with them, it instantly improves our mood and also lets us get the much-needed exercise out of it. Moreover, these four-legged fur balls can be trained as guide dogs to care for their owners, as well as provide emotional support for people struggling through depression. They have an excellent nose as well, as they can sniff out diseases like cancer, or even harmful items like drugs or bombs, and they can also be taught to assist people with diabetes. In short what we can say is that our four legged friends can at times be life savers.

4. They teach us important lessons about life

It’s a well-known fact that dogs have boundless gusto for life. To live each day as it comes. To see each day as a blessing and a new wonder, and they know to enjoy every moment of it. Dogs always inspire us to live a better life. They even teach us to live in each moment and appreciate each and every moment, no matter how insignificant or great. This is why we get so attached to dogs.

5. The relationship is mutually beneficial

We tend to develop a very special bond with our dogs over time, and it works well for us as well as our dogs. Dogs get a roof over their heads, safety, love and food, and in return, we get their company, affection and loyalty. This is a reason we tend to love each other so much. There isn’t any other animal on the face of the earth that we are able to grow such a strong bond with and it’s truly understandable that by living side by side, both parties receive so much than expected.

6. Dogs know how to live life

Mainly, there are only so much that a dog wants to do: wake up in the morning, greet you in their own goofy way, jump around, play, eat, sleep, eat again, and repeat. They have so much happiness in their simplicity. As humans, with higher levels of intelligence, we have more responsibilities, but it would mean taking off a huge burden off our shoulders for us to enjoy such a simple life, with no care in the world, and being utterly sure of ourselves. But in a way, through owning a dog, you can enjoy the simplicity of life through them. If you know what you are getting yourself into, it will be totally worth it.

Simply said, a dog can be the most loyal and trusting friend you can EVER wish for. They would never break your heart. This goes both ways, so make sure that you be a great friend to your ever-loyal companion.