Strong women are warriors and angels at the same time. You really need to appreciate their presence in your life.  I know now you need a way to recognize them. Strong women never care about the below 7 facts. Hope that’ll help you to sort out ☺

1. Being polite all the time

Being polite and nice by using appreciating, complementing and apologizing in your mistakes always matters with her. But she definitely knows when someone tries to misuse or overuse her by acting nice.

2. Haters

She is very much self-confident and never allows her inner peace or image to be dragged down by haters. She’s strong enough to stand straight without caring their rumors or actions.

3. Showing her reality

Whether she’s sad, happy or disappointed she always shows her true face. It never discourages or embarrasses her because she always love to embrace reality.

4. Not getting the support of others

She actually doesn’t give a damn about not getting support of others because she has learnt to depend only on herself and not to expect anything from others.

She leans on herself and manages all her struggles as a strong and independent girl.

5. Changing fashion trends

She doesn’t care about the changing fashion trends and doesn’t get influenced by it.  She will do her own way of fashion with what she has and what she could afford to have.

6. Social media

She’s confident about her talents and capabilities. She doesn’t care about what happens on social media like how many likes she got or why a specific guy didn’t like her on instagram.  Instead she is much connected to her real life.

7. Opinions of the majority

A strong woman plays by her rule. She does what she feels to her gut feeling .She never take her life decisions to impress others because she knows opinion of the majority can go wrong sometimes too.

She has her own policies and own theories and she takes the responsibility of her own actions and never blames others for the crap that happens to her since she engages in everything with mere consciousness.

If you meet such a woman…remember they are just unique. Be grateful for their presence in your lives and

Love them but Let them be free.

Never try to change them ever

Because the world needs more of them

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