8 Pictures To Test Your Smartness

There are lots of people out there who want constant validation of their smartness. There’s no problem with that. It’s only natural. You can measure how smart you are by taking quizzes, challenges, and puzzles. One can also check how good they are in identifying differences between 2 similar images (well, not the same). So, go ahead and try for yourself and see how intelligent you are.

1 Find the difference in the gumballs.

Let’s see whether you can see the difference between the two pictures of the gumballs.

2 Disney character differences

Try and find the difference between the above colorful Disney pictures of the characters we love and adore.

3 Missing Ribbon

Here’s a challenge. Can you find what the difference is between these pictures?

4 Out of the window. What separates the pictures?

Here is a pretty picture; a woman staring out of a window. You can spot the difference in this one immediately.

5 And it’s a jackpot

First of all, this picture has many differences. So spend a little time and find them all.

6 Inside an Industrial workshop

Let’s try and find the difference between these two industrial pictures.

7 Polar Difference

Try to find the difference. You’d kick yourself if you missed it.

8 Is Mona Lisa Different?

If you’ve studied the Mona Lisa extensively, you’ll have no problem spotting the difference.

So let’s talk about the spoilers of the images you just saw.

  1. The white gumball at the bottom right corner is darker.
  2. In the left image, Mickey’s ear has a big hole in it.
  3. The dangling yellow ribbon is not there on the right-hand side image.
  4. The mouse hole near the bottom right corner in the left picture is not there.
  5. There’s an airplane far high in the sky on the left, a noticeable time difference on Big Ben, the difference in bus numbers, top of the lamp post is missing in the right image and the man’s newspaper.
  6. If you check the bottom right corner of the right-hand side image, you’ll notice that the pipe continues.
  7. The branch near the top is not there in the right image.
  8. The background near the left of the image is darkened.

Were you able to identify all the differences?