During some turning points in life; we feel like we have everything that we prayed for. Simply our gut feeling knocks to our hearts and whisper “I’m ultimately satisfied about you; you are having a very strong and sophisticated personality now”.

And not anymore we care about what others think about us since we know that this is the best version of ourselves.

Do you often find the same thoughts as above flowing through your mind? And that other people are scared of approaching you, they kind of respect you and that you make people nervous; it just might mean that you have an intimidating personality.

Read on this article to confirm that you have a strong and sophisticated personality that other people would find attractive and intimidating even!

Below are the 8 signs you’d have if you’ve got such an awesome personality

1. You don’t need attention

Unlike majority of people in the world you don’t live your life to impress others and get their attention. You feel very satisfied and confident about the way you are and neither you need or beg for others approval to proceed with your life; nor you worry.

2. You hate small talk

You hate engaging in useless small talk just to please yourself for a moment and spend time.You either engage in meaningful conversation, or you would prefer to stay quiet. According to your point of view, making an effort to make conversation is a waste of energy if it doesn’t make any positive impact on you or the others. You always focus on meaningful things.

3. You are irritated by ignorance

There is nothing that irritates people more than ignorance! But you make conscious and very genuine effort to educate yourself and make sure you are well informed about the things that matter. You get agitated when someone challenges you in this sphere but you never lose your cool. You simply let it go, instead of letting such an ignorant person drag you down to their level and cause mental imbalance.

4. You are secure

You are free of insecurities and confusions about yourself. And you are truly comfortable and confident with the way you are.

5. You know that actions speak louder than words

You don’t count on words. Instead you observe actions. You always tend to notice when people stand for their words or not. In case of the latter, you never hesitate to tell them about the bullshit they said earlier and steer clear them. You only associate the people who have a strong and genuine personality to stand for what they have said or promised. Furthermore, you prove it with your actions too.

6. You listen

When a person comes to you, you are humble and patient enough to genuinely listen to them and give sound advices. Instead of just talking and presenting only your ideas in the conversations you participate; you always love to listen to ideas of other people, explore their thoughts and even use them to prosper your life as well as theirs. You are one genuine and humble listener that has become very rare in world.

7. You speak your mind

You do not care about what others might think about you and you always speak your mind. You never hesitate to express your opinions and ideas regarding any matter. And you know that you are not perfect but you make sure to be original. Hence you say what has to be said and welcome criticisms and appreciations with an equal mindset.

8. You are open to learning

Just because you are confident and secure, that does not mean that you are not open to learning or adapting to novel environments and technologies.You always adapt to new technologies and environments through learning in any situation where it is needed.

So do you possess the above 8 signs? Then congratulations!!! You are one of the most wanted, unique and valuable living beings on earth.

If not; hurry up..! Cultivate them inside you! To have an awesome personality.