A Breathtaking Video Shows 9 Months Of Life In The Womb Within Minutes

The differences between males and females such as behavior, DNA, hormones and vulnerability to diseases are known by all of us. Those differences initiate at the very early stages of fertilization, yes! Even before the sex specific organs form.

DNA is responsible for almost all such differences. Furthermore sex chromosomes could be defined as one major difference. Women possess two X chromosomes whereas men possess X and a Y chromosome. Being XX or XY is the deciding factor of how you grow inside the womb.

Hardly people who possess either one from above chromosome combination grow up in uncommon ways.

9 Months in the Womb within Minutes:

Human Life is just amazing!

Especially the way we grow up in mother’s womb.

Have you ever known that every single physical feature including your height, eye color and skin color were all determined in the initial stage of fertilization?

Day after day you gradually grew up amidst the comfort and safety of the mother’s womb until you finally opened your eyes on earth!

Below is video about how you grew up in months within the womb in just 9 minutes: