A rare astrological event will be occurring from January the 17th until the 21st.

The event known as APDM (All Planets in Direct Motion)occurs when all the planets in our solar system moves in direct motion which will last for a month resulting a period full of prosperity and fortune. The facts were first published through articles of Stephanie “Wave” Forest.

The uniqueness of this situation is that earth’s behavior becomes more like the behavior of the sun. Stronger solar assistance is provided to the enthusiastic individuals in achieving success through new opportunities. The vibrations in the solar system supports in creating this positive energy.


When a planet is in its normal rotational speed while it has started moving directly; that incident is called “Direct Motion “. As per the predictions not mere one or two planets; but all of them will be in direct motion from 17th January to 21st January this year.


This period will be a positive turning point for everyone if used wisely since the dark phase ends to give a fresh start to a new beginning. It’s time to end the past which was dragging you down and making you worry and start working for the life that you always wished for. So there is never a great time like this to take risks and step on to adventures to change your life.

If want to marry ;just propose to her or if you want to start a new business; initiate it, just step in. Do it for the sake of your life. The period may have begun for you either from 1st of December, 2018 or 1st of January, 2019

Even the moon will gain its maximum strength. It will give that feeling of change to you. It is also known as the Wolf Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse.
This would be a great start to this new year!