Adult Version Of The Little Tikes Toy Car Is Legal And It Goes Up To 70MPH

    There is always a child inside of us. The best decision that we can take is not to let this child inside of us fully grow. How many of you remember when you would cruise down the sidewalk in your own bright red and yellow Little Tikes toy car without any care in the world? If you are still nostalgic and can’t get your mind off this red and yellow toy car, you’re in for some fun: Little Tikes have an adult version.

    Little Tikes, or Cozy Coupe as some of you may know it, came into the market in 1979 and has undergone several modifications over the years. In 1999, it was redesigned where thick yellow roof poles were added instead of the original ones. As this toy car celebrated its 30th birthday back in 2009, cartoon eyes and a smile was plastered in front of the vehicle. Also, designers have included cup holders for both kids and parents.

    No matter how many times it was modified, over the years, this toy car has been trendy and has been named the No. 1 selling car in America on several occasions. Those who rode this red and yellow vehicle on driveways and around kitchens are sure to have amazing memories.

    In 2013, Attitude Autos owners John and Geoff Bitmead, two British brothers, were having a hard time selling a Daewoo Matiz car, when an idea hit them. As the front of the Daewoo Matiz looked like one of the Cozy Coupe, the modified the vehicle so that it would look like the world-renowned toy car. This adult version of the Little Tikes vehicle is legal to drive, fully functional uses gas, and reaches 70MPH.

    The brothers have also installed the vehicle with mirrors, airbags, headlights, and a gas tank. Keeping the design similar to the original, this car does not have a windshield nor windows. So keep in mind to take this vehicle out only on sunny days. With the initial idea of driving this car around the neighborhood to spread attention on social media, it went on to get the attention it needed worldwide. It somehow got into the Guinness World Records certification as well.

    However, when all the hype had died down, the brothers agreed and sold it on eBay for 21,500 Pounds ($33,000).

    Geoff Bitmead explained their brilliant idea: “We were hoping it would be out on a regular basis, create some revenue, and recoup the money used to build it. But in real life, it ended up going out four or five times in two years. So we thought we might as well sell it, and if anyone’s interested in buying it, that will bring back some money for us.”

    The advert for these Toy Tikes for adults read the following: “We have covered over 5,000 miles in the past two years driving around shows and charity events in the UK and apart from it not being the fastest car on the planet has been the most incredible fun with people queuing up to take photos along dual carriageways and highways on every trip. Guaranteed to create smiles wherever it goes!”

    The brothers had so much fun in seeing the people’s reaction when they saw them pass by riding this legal toy car. Geoff also went on to add, saying, “They’re amazed to see the real thing on the road. I’ve seen people with tattoos all up their arms walking along the road, just cheering at us. There was that kind of response to it. Everybody recognized it. It’s part of our life. We see these things in people’s front gardens, and now you can see it on the road.”