Albert Einstein’s Theory Of Happiness Explained In A Simple Handwritten Letter

Who are the list of people who come to your mind when you think of stereotypical genius people? Among all those Albert Einstein has created a big image. He even won the Nobel Prize for his great work towards physics. He also had unrevealed knowledge to share with the world.

One of his incredible theories made a revolution in history that is his General Theory of Relativity found in 1915, which proved the law of physics remained in the same form when speed of light is constant. Although it seems to average mindsets, this was a specific finding for those who in the science fields. It made a foundation to develop concepts of space and time. As a result the science has developed fast to this day.

A remarkable incident has happened seven years ago when he was at Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, Japan, Einstein found another theory which no one could believe he is good at. It’s not regarding either science or physics. Instead, it was named as the theory of happiness. Apparently it wasn’t written for a big character, he has given it to a messenger boy saying that will worth a lot one day.

This boy must have never thought that this will be known as the ‘Einstein’s Theory of Happiness ‘one day. This note was sold for $1.56 million on 24th October, 2017 at an auction in Jerusalem.

The note simply says, “A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.”

Isn’t it look useful for nowadays? The world we live in is a fast paced and has demand for lots of virtual things. We try to accomplish our needs by what we enjoy the best. We look for material wealth, instead we need follow a simple and a basic life. We need to get rid of expectations and misconceptions.

We need to live the day, live the moment which will be a blessing to a better future. We need to identify and be grateful for what we are being offered in life.

Image via USA Today