Angry Cockatoo Tears Down Anti-Bird Spikes And Throws Them To The Ground

This cockatoo from New South Wales, Australia, is living proof that punks are not at all dead. Recently, something spiky falling from above caught the eye of Isaac Sherring-Tito, while walking down a street in Katoomba. At closer inspection, a white cockatoo caught his eye, ripping away anti-bird spikes as it made its’ way along the ledge freely.

As soon as Isaac saw what this smart bird was doing, he takes out his phone and starts recording the parrot, removing each section of the apparatus, while making its way across the ledge. In Isaac’s recording, the ingenious cockatoo can be seen tearing away at the contraption with its feet and beak, in a very sensible act of insurgency.

As anyone would have guessed, will cockatoos are native not only to Papua New Guinea, The Philippines and Indonesia, but also to Australia and the Solomon Islands as well. These delightful creatures live up to be 60 years, but all depends on the 21 different species. A Major Mitchell had the oldest cockatoo in captivity, named Cookie, and this cockatoo lived at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago and lived a long life of 83 years (1933 – 2016).

These Australian birds, like all parrots, are zygodactyl, which means that they have 4 toes, 2 pointing forward, and two backward. These toes, with the complementation of their beaks, give these birds the ability to use their feet like we would our hands, which can be good (being amazing climbers), or be devastating demolishers.