Various Animals Are Invading Cities As People Quarantine Themselves At Home

As COVID – 19, or the Corona Virus spreads across the globe like a plague, most countries are on lockdown and quarantine, people are tending to bury themselves in social media drama, movies or an excellent book. Even though being outdoors is encouraged by some governments, with a safe distance from other people is maintained, most seem to have forgotten about the outside world. With people being quarantined, nature is doing its own thing, and people are beginning to notice this unexpected outcome. In Italy, Japan, and even in Thailand, people have witnessed animals roaming the streets freely, as humans are not so happy, in their homes.

In Japan, deer that are residents of the Nara Park, were seen roaming the streets, looking for food. As the Sika deer living in the park is a local attraction, the park is usually teeming with tourists. Tourists would feed the deer crackers, which were sold at the park itself, but as the number of tourists and visitors has taken a swan-dive in the past few weeks, the hungry deer are left with no choice but to wander out of their comfort zone, into the empty streets, in search of something to satiate their hunger.

Image credits: okadennis

Ample videos and images of these innocent creatures roaming the streets of Nara are emerging and being circulated, and people seeing these are responding in either awe or shock. Okadennis, a Twitter user, has also posted quite a few photos of the reported deer, has found the entire incident amusing.

Italy, with over 30,000 reported cases, and a severe lockdown in place has also noted a related occurrence. A number of accounts of numerous animals including wild boars, a horse and sheep, wondering the streets have started to appear on the country’s social media. Numerous people, who have posted these observances, thought that the situation was quite amusing, in spite of the dreary conditions which surround it.

Another Italian reported another animal on the loose: “In my hometown, a random horse appears”

Image credits: dopo-magari-lo-cambio
Image credits: taylorswifh