Bears Kept Stealing Honey From A Man’s Bee Farm, So He Turned Them Into Honey Tasters

We all know that bears just love honey, and it’s not surprising at all that they would go to extreme lengths to get their paws on some sweet honey. They are in love with honey so much, that they raid beehives, which cause real headaches for many beekeepers. These adorable predators are extremely common guests in numerous bee farms, but at most farms, they are very unwelcome due to the damages they cause are extensive and worth thousands. However, Ibrahim Sedef and several other beekeepers do their best to keep these furry beasts away from beehives.

Living in Trabzon, Turkey, Ibrahim Sedef is an agricultural engineer working in beekeeping, and for some time, has been struggling to stop bears from destroying the hives, trying to get the pot of gold, in this case, the honey.

Sedef had taken several precautions to protect the hives, from installing metal cages around them and left food including fruit, bread, and honey in order to prevent bears from taking the tasty delicacies directly from the hives. Sad to say, it did not work well, as some of the hives still got damaged.

The beekeeper then decided that he had to learn more about the movement and behavior of these furry beasts, and installed photo trap cameras to track the bears roaming in his bee farm. While figuring out a way to outsmart the greedy beasts, an ingenious idea struck Sedef: since bears have an excellent taste for honey, he decides to turn them into honey tasters.

He sets up a table with a feast of 4 kinds of honey which the bears can dig into, and the bears didn’t disappoint. As it turns out, they have quite the extravagant taste. In an interview with DHA, Sedef states that these four-legged apex predators were drawn to the aroma of the Anzer honey, as it was ALWAYS tasted first, and at times, not even touching the cherry blossom honey. On an ending note, our readers would appreciate knowing that 2 pounds of the famous Turkish honey, Anzer, sells for more than $300.

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