Best Friends Build Their Own Tiny Town to Grow Old Together

Do you have any best friends? And who is still very close? At some point or the other, over the years, some friendships change, and college pushes people to different sides. Later, it’s followed by responsibilities, work and family. People even move to cities, and some tend to even forget their childhood friends.

Well then there are these 2 friends who didn’t give up on their friendship and even built a tiny town, and their top goal was to grow old together. Four couples have been best friends for twenty years, and even though they weren’t able to see each other that often, they did their best to live close to each other. Everything they were interested in was environmental-friendly methods, and so, the couples took all their savings and built a new town near the Llano River outside of Austin, Texas.

Each of these cabins in Llano Exit Strategy cost $40,000. Matt Garcia, a designer of the cabins, made sure that they are efficient and cost-effective. The cabins have been designed to have slanted roofs, reflective walls, insulated windows, and 5,000 gallons worth of barrels of water. The main plan for the four couples involves retiring to their town.

Take care of your friendships, and here are 3 tips to keep your friends around forever:

Be honest

You can’t expect anything to last forever if it’s built on lies and falsehood. It’s the same with friendships. You need to be honest about everything, which includes your past, opinions, and future goals. Do not say yes to things just to fit in. you need to be honest, and loud about it so that misunderstandings are avoided.

Makeup after arguments

In every friendship, disagreements are far too common, and you know your friends’ every strength and weakness, so don’t take advantage of that. You need to learn to say sorry when you have to, and to forgive others.


You need to show grave as much as possible, and change your expectations to reduce the pressure your friends feel. We need to do good things to others, even when we know that they don’t deserve it. We need to forgive others, even before they say sorry: we all need compassion.

And it’s time for some final words of wisdom. Friendship, being such a noble gift, some people would do anything in the world to have their own friends. Having a best friend is a gift, and having the same best friend for a long time is a blessing, so you better take more care of your close friends, because they deserve your respect, and you deserve to be respected. Don’t ever forget that.

Good friends are always there when you need them, in good times, bad times, and sometimes even the ugliest of situations. So, here’s some food for thought, would you build a town to grow old with your friends?