Boy With Autism Writes Poem For Homework, His Teacher is at a Loss For Words

It’s doubtful that a poetry can influence our feelings, but some can. These poetries make us snigger, cry, feel isolate or shock. Absolutely, this poem is one of those which can analyze and summarize all the feelings. What makes you surprised here is that this was written by a kid with autism. This even made the teacher astonished.

Autism is described as a disorder that is characterized by lack of social interaction and communication and dull behavior like being repeating patterns of thoughts. This can be identified by the parents in the early childhood itself and this keeps growing step by step. Nevertheless, this can be controlled in an ordinary pace even in a bad situation.

Benjamin Giroux, got a homework to compose a poem. So instead of writing something rhythmic he took the chance to emphasize what is in his heart and how it feels to live as a kid with autism.

The results were amazing. Since his poem demonstrated “I AM’’ his poem was significant among all others. So this made him special among other young learners. He is unique as well as the poem. This became popular and spread through the web and even the National Autism Association communicated this to other people.