Brazilian Photographer Shows The Result of A 20-Year Reforestation Project of Over 2.7 Million Trees

    This project was occurring in last 20 years in Brazil. Everybody wondered how the outcome would be? This risky journey of reforestation was an essential requirement by that time. A well-known celebrity “Leonardo DiCaprio” also engaged in this amazing journey. Their main task was to reestablish and gain back the lost woods. This was a challenge, but they achieved in 20 years of time.

    Started by a Brazilian photographer, Amid in 1990s to revitalize forests and acres of timberlands whole around the globe. Many trees would have been planted except the plants that can be found especially region or habitat. Vegetation would not be profitable either. Eventually many animals will get the profit as well.

    The photographer, Sebastião Salgado and his spouse LéliaDeluizWanick Salgado were disappointed after seeing the tragedy which the woods around the world has gone through. So, they started the journey to do a change. As their first activity they officially confronted firsthand deforestation. This was the beginning of the venture.

    This project was launched in the territory of Minas Gerais at home. He also recalled that that the area which was lush green vegetation is now destructed by the mankind.

    Leila, Salgado’s wife got the responsibility of replanting the trees. At 1998, both agreed to open Instituto Terra. Since then the organization was able to plant more than 2 million trees around the world.

    The outcome of this project was amazing. They were able to recover more than 1500 sections of lands in Minas Gerais. As a result, they were granted with the Private Natural Heritage Reserve (PNHR) as an honor itself. This was a great for the wild life as well. Around 172 species have started to establish in the regions. Among them, there are 15 species amphibians, 293 species inhabited in plants, 33 species of warm mammals and another 15 species of creatures living in both land and water.