Bridesmaids Carried Rescue Puppies Instead Of Flowers Down The Aisle To Help Them Find Homes

    Weddings are easy to visit but hard to plan. Finally, weddings are moving from the standard patterns to something different in the world today. Nowadays the world is celebrating wedding ceremonies in different ways. Those are unpredictable and unimaginable.

    The following story here will prove this. The Bride, Samantha Clark wanted her wedding ceremony to be unique from others. So, she decided to carry her dogs to the ceremony. That seems wonderful right? That is the wish of every dog lover.

    She wanted her bridesmaids to carry local rescue puppies instead of the usual bouquets. She got the idea from Pinterest but putting it to the reality was more adorable. This is such an emotional situation for all animal lovers. Any animal lover will easily fell in love with the pictures of this wedding ceremony.

    In order to fulfill her wish she got the help from an organization, AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport, they had dozens of stray dogs collected after the hurricane Harvey who wanted homes. But the hardest part was to convince the plan to her bridesmaids.

    Fortunately, they loved the idea too. They chose six dogs, they were mixtures of Chihuahua and dachshund. They were two months old and they were known as Chiweenies when they joined the ceremony. Their foster mother accompanied them and the photos were more  adorable.

    You must be excited right now to share this among your dog lovers immediately. If you want to know more follow the link below. You will soon fell in love with the dogs and don’t hesitate to share it anyway.