Butterflies Are Spiritual Messengers. Here‘s What They Mean For You:

You should have definitely noticed the eye catching beauty of the butterflies. And the different joy that these beautiful little creatures carry as they pass by. This article is to tell you that they are not just beauties and official flower breeders. They are something more; much closer to the messengers from angels that deliver worthy spiritual messages.


These butterflies provide a spiritual message to us even from their life cycle.

Its life journey from egg to caterpillar and caterpillar to butterfly contains a vast meaning which is spiritual. And it yearns to the world “Never lose hope, because you never know what tomorrow will bring”. One day you could be like a caterpillar; being unable to do anything by our own, poor and unsuccessful; but the other day you could fly like a butterfly with all the things that you prayed for.

I will elaborate more on the concept above to make it easy for you to understand. We usually engage in our daily activities and spend our days within the limits of that regular routine. And sometimes we get more concerned about our inner soul. So that we engage in different activities like meditating, praying and studying about spiritual nature.We improve our inner souls with time and at a certain point we stand out to share the core within you with the people all around the world. There we act like a butterfly; stretch our wings and fly high to the sky.

The only major difference between the two species; humans and the butterflies is that the latter have a very short life span when compared to us. It ranges from one week to 6 months. Even that plays an important role. It depicts that “every moment of life should be enjoyed; before it get slipped away.” Furthermore it also makes us aware that death exists and it is just another transformation to a new dimension.


Animals that are recognized under the category of power animals are respected in many ancient cultures; especially native Americans. And each and every one of those animals possess unique qualities and strengths. Butterflies are also recognized as power animals and they symbolize joyfulness, freedom, transformation and creativity.The transformative power of them depicts the capacity to bear the pain in shifting both shape and soul.

It is said that when a butterfly is witnessed in a dream or in reality; it could be considered as a message from a power animal. Halt for a moment from running in your daily routine and look back at your life; may be its time to make a critical change in your life or maybe you are already undergoing a transformation in life. Then the strength for you to move on will be given by this power animal. And when a group butterflies are seen; the same message is given but the priority and prominence of the message is high.


Our belated loved ones also can appear in front of us as butterflies. The fact is confirmed because number of people have seen butterflies in a little time after the death of their loved one.According to an ancient saying in Irish culture “Butterflies are waiting souls of dead”.

It can even be your guardian angel or a supportive spirit that is trying to provide with the most wanted guidance. Halt for minute and take that signal. Because butterflies are not just creatures; they are spiritual messengers that should never be ignored.Therefore when a butterfly crosses your path; think a minute beyond since you deserve to receive a message with a great importance.