Cameron Diaz Explains Perfectly In 1 Minute How Fame Will Not Bring You Happiness

    Recently Cameron Diaz was interviewed as part of a documentary called HUMAN.

    I felt that in this short snippet she showed great insight and wisdom when explaining the meaning of fame and how if you are looking for fame to bring you happiness that you will not find it. I think it’s important to note she is not in any way saying she does not enjoy her fame or success but that she is simply stating if your sole reason for wanting to be famous is to be happy then it will end badly for you.

    If you watch to the end of the video she has a particularly touching story about the death of her father that I think many people who have suffered loss in their life will be able t relate to.

    We live in a world where everyone seems to want to be famous. So I think this short but powerful clip will act as a wake up call to many and hopefully keep people on the right path and be able to separate fame from happiness.

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    This article was originally published by Educate Inspire Change