Dating a woman with a big heart and a mind that overthinks is hard but worth it

1. An Over-thinker with the most complex mind

Her mind will work non-stop, and because of that, she will sometimes make up scenarios in her head, which has nothing to do with reality. Overthinking is her defense mechanism, and she automatically tends to overthink and overanalyze to protect herself from pain.

2. Put in the effort: She appreciates it

You won’t be able to satisfy her with lavish and expensive gifts because she sees the effort you put in and appreciate you for that. She needs and wants the simplicities of life. Just a message saying ‘good morning’ will brighten her day and will love seeing you and will love the way you make her feel.

3. Be ready, because she will challenge you

She will not be the kind of woman who laughs at any and every joke you say. She will not do anything or say anything for that matter that will make you like her. Instead, she challenges you to be the best version of yourself, and do your best at everything possible.

4. She has a simple and genuine heart

She will love unconditionally, no strings attached, and her heart of gold is genuine and pure. Because she loves genuinely, and the depth of her love, she gets hurt as she tends to put her trust in the wrong people.

5. She’s an amazing listener

For any healthy and long-lasting relationship, communication is essential, and she knows it. Her pure heart makes her someone who will and who knows how to listen to what others have to say. As she is a great listener, there is no point in hesitating to talk to her about anything and everything. She tends to give exceptional advice and is a remarkable conversationalist as well.

6. She’ll sometimes be difficult to handle

Even though she’s difficult to handle at times, when she is in love with you, she will love you wholeheartedly, forever. She’ll be the one you’ve always been searching for, your confidante, a partner in crime, your lover, your best friend, and, most of all, your biggest support.

7. She’ll never accept a passionless relationship

A woman with an overthinking mind and a big heart has high standards, knows herself, and never settles for anything less, and if you’re lucky enough to have her, know that it’ll always be all or nothing with her. You should know that a big-hearted woman with an overthinking mind will never settle for a passionless relationship. So never forget that whatever you do, to always make sure and keep the spark alive between the two of you.

So, if you’re lucky enough to have such a woman in your life, you should hold on to her and never let her go as she’s really valuable.