Did you ever know that your face can reveal a lot about your health and what to do about It

China has a vast historical background on recognizing the signs of sicknesses by reading the features of the face. They trusted this method more than the modern machines.

They believed that all kind of symptoms are caused by the malfunctioning of internal organs as they are all interconnected. Although this has gradually collapsed with time, face mapping was an effective way of detecting diseases.

This can also be used to detect the health issues in your body if you have acne on the face. As this medical procedure follows the concept, all the organs are interconnected. A deep & careful look at the face can help to examine all the symptoms of any disease.

Following are some health issues caused by the positions of the acnes according to face mapping,

Acne on the cheeks

  • Smoking
  • Touching your face frequently can spread bacteria

Acne on the T-zone

  • Stress
  • Alcohol addicted
  • Excess amount of coffee
  • Poor circulation

Acne on the jaw, chin or neckline

  • Excessive intake of starch
  • Candida infection
  • Hormonal problems
  • Excessive intake of sugar

Face mapping by organ

This is more useful to detect the diseases in the body than acnes according to the specific area on face. Locate the respective organ with the affected area & find the causes.

Liver – the area between the eyebrows

The stomach spends too much energy overtime too digest if you consume excess quantities of meat than required. As a result, this emerges more skin problems and acne. In order to cure this, try to focus more on a healthy diet plan with raw fruits and vegetables.

Bladder and small intestine – forehead

Consuming too much of processed & fatty food which are low in fiber can cause acne on your forehead. Alcohol and stress can be reasons for dehydration, poor digestion & toxic buildup. As a solution, drink 10-12 glasses of water daily.

Kidneys – eye area and eyebrows

If you have acne in this area the main causes may be because of weakened heart, malnutrition, dehydration, alcohol abuse & smoking. It’s a must avoid caffeine and alcohol usage.

Kidneys and lungs – cheeks

The most common reason for acne on cheeks is poor dental hygiene. As a habit, clean and brush your teeth twice a day & stop consuming foods rich in sugar.

Lungs – upper part of the cheeks

If you have acne on the upper part of your cheeks, it means that air is polluted in the area you live. Don’t go outside when it’s sunny and crowded & stop smoking.

Heart – nose

Don’t consume an excess amount of salt & eat healthy diet if you have acne on your nose. Nose is directly connected with heart.

Stomach – mouth and chin

Consumption of fatty foods & alcohol abuse are the major reasons for acne around the mouth and chin. Avoid consuming these foods to get rid of acne.

Hormones – neck and jaw

Hormonal imbalance is the reason for this. Avoid consuming too much salt and caffeine.