Do you think a 11-year old kid can challenge Einstein and Stephen Hawking was wrong?

Remind what you did when you were a 11-year-old kid. Most probably you were playing & running around with your friends, cuddling with your parents or dreaming about whom you want to be when you grow up.

But there is one child named William who is specific among others and he is from Pennsylvania. He is not even bothered whom he wants to be when he grows up because he has already achieved it. He is on the right track of becoming an astrophysicist. He justifies the existence of God with the evidence of science. His faith towards his belief of the God encourages him to become an astrophysicist which he thinks as his purpose of life.

This boy incredibly gifted with intelligence, he has already completed community college and joined Carnegie Mellon University. He was smart enough to complete his graduation from high school when he was 9 years old. Even psychologist, Joanne Ruthsatz from Ohio State University has announced him as a genius.

“We’re normal people and he’s a normal kid. You can’t distinguish him from other 11-years-old. He likes sports, television shows, the computer and video games like everyone else.” – Peter Maillis (his father)

William has started to talk complete sentences when he was about seven months old, says his father, Peter Mailiis who is a Greek Orthodox. He has learned to do addition and multiplication even before he was 2-year-old. He was smart enough to read books and he has written his own 9 pages book “Happy Cat” when he was in 2 years old. Unlike the other kids who were going to kindergarten, his desire and he was able to do algebra, sign language and wrote Greek books as well. An amazing incident happened when he was at the age of 5, he completed reading a geometric book with 209 pages the whole night and had started to solve circumference problems when he woke up for the breakfast.

His aspect is proving the existence of God and he confidently says some enormous characters prevailed in science were wrong. He proves that some theories based on black holes which were proved by Einstein and Hawking are wrong. According to him the universe was created by the impact of an external force which is God.

Although he is from religious background his parents say that they never encourage him to choose this path, it is all his belief and enthusiasm.

In an interview with Hellenic College Holy Cross recently, he was asked about his dreams and he has replied as,

“I want to be an astrophysicist so that I can prove to the scientific world that God does exist”

He totally differs from Hawking’s point of view, because once Hawking sad that,

“Before we understand science, it was natural to believe that God created this universe, but now science offers a more convincing explanation. What I meant by ‘we would know the mind of God’ is we would know everything that God would know if there was a God, but there isn’t. I’m an atheist.”

Then he was asked why he wanted to prove that Hawking was wrong, he said,

“Well because there’s these atheists that try to say that there is no God, when it takes more faith to believe that there is God… because it makes more sense that something created the universe than that the universe created itself. It takes more faith to say the universe created itself than to say something created the universe because that is more logical.”

He is a proof to that calling, someone born to this Earth with a set of purpose. Maybe some people look at him suspiciously thinking how he can prove the existence of God but anyhow he will at least he will be able to get science back to religious beliefs.