Dog Saved 5 Minutes Before Being Put Down Gives The Best Hugs

Most injured animals don’t always get a second chance at life. In fact, in most of these situations, a shocking number of animals are left to fend for its own. Sadly, there are way too many animal shelters that don’t believe in giving injured animals a decent place to stay, and that’s the main reason why we need to take time and learn more about these locations before dropping animals off.

For all we know, we may be sending them to their death if we aren’t careful enough, because kill shelters are not always known for making good decisions. We humans need to take more initiative, instead of forcing an animal to head off to a location that could be trigger happy. Robin is just one, out of the many dogs who were found struggling after sustaining major injuries, and his story has a very sad beginning.

Can you believe he was saved in the nick of time, just as he was about to be put to sleep, and there was no help in sight? The good and kind people at the Vet Ranch were able to save him from the shelter and give him his second chance. Robin was going to be put to sleep for all the wrong reasons, because the shelter claims that he needed to be put down because his leg was broken.

The real situation was that Robin only had a bruise that needed time to heal, and if not for these kind-hearted rescuers, no one would have known the truth until it was already too late. Not long after, the staff at Vet Rescue came to an amazing realization: Robin was one of the best huggers that you could EVER hope to meet. These are genuine hugs, and this is one animal that truly has a very big heart.

This rescue dog is happiest when he’s given the chance to hug it out, and even we wish that we were there to give him a big hug as well. The pure joy that Robin feels when he is with the people he cares about, is utterly priceless. The Vet Ranch is more than happy to assist Robin when he was given the second chance he needed, and now he definitely loves life again. How could you not wholeheartedly love this dog? Since his rescue, Robin has been taken in by a very loving family, and will be living in his new forever home for the probable future.