Dutch Artists Paint An Enormous Bookcase On An Apartment Building That Features Residents’ Favorite Books

Even though many street artists select old train tracks and abandoned buildings as canvases for their fiery masterpieces, a Dutch street artist, Jan Is De Man, decides to take a different route, realizing that there are some communities that wish to connect with each other. His aim is to create projects where all the residents are identified, by asking for the residents’ involvement who is commissioning him. Jan Is De Man’s newest gift to the neighborhood is a quirky three level trompe l’oeil mural bookcase on an apartment building in Utrecht, in the Netherlands. In this endeavor, Jan Is De Man got assistance from his fellow street artist Deef Feed, who had also worked on a few other murals with him, and is also the co-owner of their tattoo shop “Blackbook Tattoos” right in the center of Utrecht.

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