Elderly Man Spent 10 Years Turning 150-Ft-Long Hedge Into Giant Dragon

Are you tired of looking at a straight cut hedge? Or even seeing it when you pass by? Well, Brooker spent a remarkable 10 years on completing his masterpiece. This truly and literally, is a masterpiece.

This 15 ft. hedge was initially straight cut, but after Brooker put his heart and soul into this masterpiece, it now resembles a giant green dragon. So, when you’re traveling through the wonderful countryside of the UK, don’t veer off the road if you spot it, just come and take a closer look.

Topiary is a beautiful art form, or practice of clipping shrubs or trees into ornamental shapes, which incorporates nature and is apt to anyone who feels they have a green thumb. European topiary dates from Roman times, but this art form most likely restricted from Egypt or Persia, and then spreading to Rome with its popularity.

And of course, we can’t overlook Japan and China, where natural art is almost worshipped like Gods, may it be it shaped hedges or even Zen gardens.