Empaths And Energy Sensitive People Benefit From Being Close To A Body Of Water

Though Highly Sensitive People (HSP) and Empaths are unique as a whole, they are very different, but they have a lot in common as well, as both types of people are very sensitive to the energies and the emotions of the people around them, and they both need some time to recharge.

For Empaths and HSP, the most powerful form of protection is usually water. While it washes away all the stress and negativity that they have been facing, it additionally helps them to feel rejuvenated as a whole. By living near vast bodies of water or a simple lake or pond, energy-sensitive people have a lot to gain, whether they simply smell the salty air of the ocean or getting their feet wet in a pond.

As empaths and other energy-sensitive people are drawn towards the water in ways that most just wouldn’t understand, there is no denying that there is a connection between them to water as a whole. This is one in many other ways which relate to how tuned into nature they are but it isn’t completely added up as that.

Let’s go over some benefits that empaths and HSP gain by living close to water. Since they live so close to water, they have access to it as they feel necessary, as water has some healing properties for these kinds of beings, and the further away they are, the harder it becomes for them to have access to these healing properties.

So here are 6 reasons why HSP and empaths benefit from living near water:

1. The flow of water helps balance chakras

These people need to balance their overall chakras balanced quite frequently, due to how much energy they absorb on a daily basis. Water helps them to stimulate more positive flows within them. The flow of water around them also helps their chi to flow more freely.

2. Depending on what kind of water they’re near they may be able to ‘salt soak’ on an intense level.

If an empath or energy sensitive person lives near an ocean, they can literally take a salt bath in the ocean. The saltwater helps them relax and also helps them free themselves from what clings to their auras. Though everyone may not be comfortable, it will be something worth trying out for many.

3. The sound of water can be relaxing

As energy-sensitive people take on so much more than any other most of the time, they are on edge. The sounds near bodies of water help them relax much faster, as the more time they spend near water, the more relaxed they become. And a great way to let go is taking your shoes off and taking a stroll at night on the beach, barefoot.

4. Water is cleansing.

Even for us, when we are in the water, we can cleanse ourselves. As energy-sensitive people carry too much with them, they can wash it away. Using what Mother Nature has given, you can allow the things that have been eating at you to just melt off your being.

5. Mother Nature speaks to them through these bodies of water.

Empaths and HSP just love to be with one with nature. They can spend hours on end outside and on their own. Water helps them to have a deeper connection with Mother Nature and allows them to speak with the universe more openly.

6. Provides the freshest air possible

If you’re around the ocean, it provides you with plenty of fresh air full of negative ions, which makes it easier for anyone to de-stress and breathe in more oxygen. So, being around a vast body of water will help you mentally, and give you a more positive mood.