Farmers Protect Their Calves From Frostbite With Adorable Earmuffs

When you were a kid, do you remember your mom or your grandma made you, or maybe even force you to put on your scarf and gloves during winter? Well, as it turns out, farmers are kind of like our moms and grandmas, because they do the same for their cows. During the winter months, farmers knit special earmuffs for the calves to protect them from frostbite.

While being practical, the earmuffs also have the benefit of being the cutest thing in the world, ever. Take a look at these cute little calves and say that it’s not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!

As well as having a hilarious Smiths pun as a username, twitter user @ThisFarmingMan_, uploaded the pictured of his earmuffed cows, the pictures gained over 150,000 likes, and everyone, I mean everyone loved how adorable the earmuffs are. Even though they are cute, frostbite is a serious problem in farming.

In the book Calves and the Cold, Dr. W. Dee Whittier wrote, “Frostbite is the damage to body tissues that occurs when these tissues freeze. The extremities are most at risk. Frozen ears and tails result in changes of cattle appearance but do not affect cattle performance significantly.”

Dr. Whittier goes on to explain that “Newborn calves are most at risk because they are wet and because they have a large surface area in relation to their total body mass. Calves are not fully capable of maintaining temperature the first several hours of life. Newborn calves have a circulatory system that is less able to respond to cold changes as compared to more mature animals.”

Luckily, this unique and uncommon solution helps to keep the calves healthy and happy, as well as making them look adorable and cute! Here’s some food for thought, even though cats and dogs live inside, so they are less at risk, you can just picture how cute they’d look in these…