Father Praises Stranger For His Kindness Towards His Daughter: ‘This Is The World I Want For Her

Here’s a beautiful, heartwarming fairytale for you. Once upon a time, there was a sweet little angel named Carter, only 16 months old, waiting with her father Kevin Armentrout, a former US Marine, to catch a plane. They were in Las Vegas, about to be on their merry way to San Diego, waiting around the gate since they had time to spare before boarding the plane.

In the same area, but at a neighboring gate, was a field sales manager for Samsung from Oklahoma Joseph, also waiting to catch a flight back home. So this little angel saw Joseph sitting there alone, and being the friendly little girl she is, Carter walks up and befriends this fellow passenger at the airport.

The start of a beautiful, heartwarming friendship was born, which goes to prove that kindness has no boundaries whatsoever when Joseph was elated to invite Carter to sit next to him. So for the next three-quarter of an hour, Joseph was teaching Carter how to draw pictures on his tablet, and the pair even watched cartoons together. Carter even went on to being the generous 16-month-old self and shared her cheese puffs with him.

Carter’s father was ecstatic. He was so moved by the scene of the friendship that had blossomed between 2 individuals in 2 completely different generations; he captured these moments of Carter and her new friend having the time of their lives, and posted it on social media, and accompanied it with a lovely statement. He truly hopes that this interaction between his daughter and Joseph will serve as an example to everyone, since the world today faces a massive amount of divide and disagreement.

Well, here’s what he had captioned his photo post:

Last night, while waiting to board our plane, @_carterjean_ was being her usual inquisitive self wanting to meet and say “hi” to everyone she could, until she walked upon this man. He reached out and asked if she wanted to sit with him. He pulled out his tablet and showed her how to draw with it, they watched cartoons together, and she offered him snacks. This wasn’t a short little exchange, this was 45 minutes. Watching them at that moment, I couldn’t help but think, different genders, different races, different generations, and the best of friends. This is the world I want for her.

In a country that is continuously fed that it’s so deeply divided by beliefs, I want her life to be filled with moments like this… not liberal or conservative republican or democrat, socialist or capitalist, just HUMAN.

Joseph from @samsung in Oklahoma, if this should happen to find you. Thank you for showing my daughter what kindness and compassion look like. Continue to shine your light in the world. #HateIsLearned #LiveWithPurpose # BeRelentless

This post has over 2 lakhs of shares, and even more likes, which means the world needs more of this kind of equality and borderless equality among each other. Now is the time to bring this kind of world to life, by loving each other, leaving aside stereotypes and all prejudices. Armentrout had recently contacted Joseph after his pictures were published, and Joseph is doing quite well, and so far, everyone is having their happily ever after.