The Four Elements of True Love, According to Buddhism

In today’s world, love can be confusing and very complicated at times. However, each one of us can look at it in a simple way when you look at it from the Buddhist perspective. Even though love can be very complicated for some, at the same time, it is as simple as it can be! The subject of love is straightforward, but we have blown it out of proportion and made it complicated. Love is not appreciated by anybody, simply because we have no idea of what we want from love. The most simple example is our partner. If we are not satisfied with our so-called ‘better half,’ on most occasions, we tend to abuse one another until we move on by finding someone else.

Many people struggle with love these days, and it is highly understandable. They tend to destroy the point of love, as they cannot find someone who is real. We can’t find people who are genuine because most of them are manipulating, cunning, and selfish, and they want to have everything their way. The answer to this is straightforward. When you look at all these issues from a Buddhist perspective, you can get rid of them quite quickly. According to Buddhism, the answer is straightforward. True love has only four components, which we will discuss:

Maitri or Metta

The first component that shows kindness and love is “Maitri” or “Metta.” We all want our friends to get the chance of true love. And we want them to share happiness with someone else. We would do anything to help them out and make our partner happy, and we won’t do anything and expect something in return.


Simply put, “Karuna” is compassion. When we have compassion, we put ourselves in others’ shoes, and we want to reduce the pain and sorrow of someone who is suffering. When we have “Karuna” in our life, we want to make things better for other people.


All of us, as human beings, want to be happy, content, and joyful. If we have “Mudita,” we have this, because, “Mudita” means contentedness, joyfulness, and happiness. When we have Muditha in our live, we make the people around us happy than anything else. When we are in love, we feel fulfilled as we wish to bring everyone happiness and joy.


Everything that happens in our life, we have to accept. There are moments that we don’t want to take what happens. Well, the 4th and final component of true love, according to Buddhism, is “Upeksha,” which is the desire to accept everything. We won’t discriminate against the characteristics or qualities of someone. We learn to accept everyone for who they are. We instinctively do this as we have a grounded appreciation for all the things that make them who they are.