Gay Indian Couple Holds A Traditional Wedding Ceremony and Their Photos Go Viral

We all know that love knows NO boundaries. This was proven in a temple in New Jersey by Amit Shah and Aditya Madiraju when they got married in a traditional, religious Hindu ceremony This couple had a remarkable and stylish wedding and was memorialized by professional photographer Charmi Peña, and her pictures from the wedding was a HUGE hit, and it immediately went viral. Now, people all over the world are very busy talking about the union of Amit and Aditya.

Image credits: Charmi Pena Photography

Both 32-year-old dance choreographer Amit, and his 31-year-old husband Aditya, who works in risk management are practicing Hindus, and tradition is very important and significant to them. Because they wanted to stay true to their culture, and tradition, they completed the paperwork for a civil union in New York City in early 2019, only after dating for a few years, and also deciding to have a traditional Hindu ceremony in New Jersey in July ’19, and at the actual wedding ceremony, the duo wore remarkable kurtas by designer Anita Dongre.

Amit and Aditya wrote on Instagram saying “We didn’t realize the impact a simple wedding at a temple would have on people around the world looking for hope,” and Aditya went on to tell Irish News that “Having a traditional wedding is something that wasn’t out of the ordinary for either of us as we come from pretty traditional and conservative backgrounds.”

Image credits: Charmi Pena Photography

In the meantime, Amit goes on to explain to Vogue India saying “we first met three years ago in a small Lower East Side bar for a friend’s birthday. Since that night, we have been together.”

Image credits: Charmi Pena Photography

Amit also goes on to share with the media saying that “Although we have completely different personalities, thanks to our similar interests we hit it off instantly,” and he also reveals that after he and Aditya dated for a year, they ‘came out’ to their parents, and they got all the support that they needed. Even though same-sex hasn’t been legally recognized in India as yet, the feedback on this issue is changing from bad to good, and it depends on the area, community, and the respective temple.

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Image credits: Charmi Pena Photography