Grateful Rescue Dog Cannot Stop Cuddling with his Rescuer

Animals, like humans, have feelings, and you can deny the fact for as much as you want, but the truth is, they do. They too know what love is, and like us, they can feel when someone cares for them.

This was the case with Russ the Pitbull, who got rescued from a shelter by Filoon, a student at Temple University. Filoon was working a part-time job as a volunteer for a local animal shelter when she first met Russ. The poor dog was suffering from multiple health conditions from the kennel cough to an eye infection, to itchy, irritated skin and a bleeding tail.

Though Russ was in very bad shape it didn’t stop Filoon from nurturing this baby. Those were only a few of the reasons why she felt obliged to do something, anything, for this pup. Noticing how scared and silent he was, Filoon just knew that one day, she will be his mommy, and give him a loving home.

Over the next few days, Filoon visited Russ again, and even took him out for a drive, and it was then that she realized that Russ and herself were meant to be together, and ever since that moment, the became inseparable. She rescued the poor pup, and as thankful as he is to her for saving him, he cannot get enough of snuggling with his new owner. Finally, Russ has found his forever home.