11 Unbelievable Habits of People Who Have Hidden Depression!

Depression is a common issue all over the world. Majority of the people assume that depressed ones are the ones that cry often, dress in black and stay sad usually. But that’s actually a wrong assumption.

For an example; if you post a picture on Facebook everyday but grumble telling that you don’t have time even to talk to anyone; that could be depression. Depression is an illness that should be subjected to serious medical consideration.

Not loving the job you do that results in being stressed on daily basis and not having deep and meaningful conversations could lead dumb, empty and lonely feelings that could end in a mental illness like depression. Rather than that genetic reasons, impact of past events, brain chemicals, use of drugs and alcohol and many more reasons could lead to depression.

If you have these unbelievable habits, you may have depression:

– You’re an expressive and talented person

Don’t interpret this as depression could make you more talented. It’s like this; when you are granted with an opportunity and freedom you express yourself greatly to suit the relevant field. Because it could make you feel everything more deeply. Bill Hicks, Robin Williams, and Jim Carrey are world famous amazing people who were able to overcome depression and win the world.

– You’re always ready for the worst

Although you get badly hurt; you are always ready to face the worst thing that could happen in any situation.

– You have unusual eating habits

Once Diana, Princess of Wales said she identified changes in her usual eating habits during the time when her mind was extremely disturbed. Later she even held hands with number of charity organizations to promote mental health.

By the way it could be depression if your internal emotions have a direct impact on your eating habits which could make you stay without eating for an entire day when you are sad and make you eat too much when you are happy.

– You have abandonment issues

Due to the reason of not being secured emotionally; you never tend to trust anyone fully.

– You try to find meaning in everything

You always love to know the meaning of every single thing you engage in and surrounded by. When a doubt arises you definitely seek for an answer.

– Thinking isn’t a choice for you

You are always living amidst a pool of thoughts. So that your mind is very disturbing and it never stops and doesn’t care what you are doing or what you’ll have to do.

– You’re good at hiding your emotions

You tend to hide your emotions by wearing an emotional masks over you and sometimes that makes you forget the “real you”.

– You have a high defense mechanism

You have strong and high barriers in your mind to avoid other people from reaching you. You’ll have reasons to cover up any matter because as we said earlier you are highly skilled in hiding your emotions.

– You have your own back

You like to solve your problems by your own without bothering and seeking help from others.

– You have unusual sleeping habits

This means you are almost awake throughout the night on some days but fall sleep excessively on the other days.

– You cry for help secretly

Most of the people in the world has that one person who lend his shoulder to cry on and rely on. But you are different. You cry secretly when a help is needed. Without asking for help.

So Dear readers; if you experience the above behaviors from you or witness from another; make sure proper medical attention is given before things get worse. Depression could be defeated with proper medication.