Hollywood Actor Keanu Reeves Has Secretly Been Financing Children’s Hospitals

    There are lots of Hollywood stars who are humble & kind. Among all of them, Keanu Reeves who is 53 years old is well known for these qualities.

    John Wick & The Matrix and Speed are some well-known roles he has done. One reason why he is so unique among all others is that he has been giving financial facilities for many children among hospitals. Also, he has been carrying out a private charity foundation for more than a decade.  This proves that he has a great character and a reason to be loved by everyone.

    The Private Charity Foundation by Keanu Reeve

    Keanu Reeve had a younger sister who was diagnosed with leukemia in the 1990s. She suffered with the disease more than 10 years before the signs of the disease were gone.

    As her honor, Keanu Reeve organized a foundation & donated to all other cancer charities. The most significant thing is that he doesn’t want his name to be mentioned. While running out the foundation he was supporting both kids’ hospitals & wards of children.

    While in an interview in 2009 he addressed to the Ladies Home Journal that he has a private foundation running since 2004 which helps both cancer hospitals and researches.

    He never wanted his name to be published in any of the activity by the organization, but he wanted to continue what it was doing.

    In 2008, Keanu Reeve started to work the phone at a television program which raised money for cancer. He participated as a goalkeeper for an ice hockey tournament which was organized to support Spinal Cord Opportunities Rehabilitation Endowment. SCORE is one which was founded to help spinal injured people.

    He had associates who was working along with him, one reddit user named bo2dd2 also was on the chain reaction. He said during the end of two weeks Keanu Reeve has taken the filming group for free lunch & breakfast. He also had donated money for people on the set who was in need because of his family problems.  He has offered $200 000 for his family. While on the set of Matrix during Christmas he has given gifts to each member who has been a part of Harley Davidson motorbike

    What do you think about him? Isn’t he generous & kind? Moreover, he has donated billions for people who needed his help.

    Finally, the world is lucky to have such generous silent donator.  It’s true that not all heroes wear capes.