How to Beat Depression Naturally Without Medication

Depression is common as cold in the world these days. Only a victim knows the torment caused by it since he/she is the one who suffers from the burden of not being able to lead a normal and happy life.

Most popular method to overcome this is known all over the world as attending to a doctor for medication. But yet I must tell you, that there are ways to get rid of depression even without having any medication.

1 Get an optimum Sleep

Have more concern on the number of sleeping hours. Try your best to maintain it between 7-8 hours.In case of depression you will hardly get a sufficient sleep. Most of the time you’ll be awake at night worrying about different aspects of life.

If that’s the case it’s better to set a bed time and wake time to your daily routine which will turn into a habit later.

2 Get Balanced Diet

Physical fitness has a direct impact on the mental fitness. So that in order to avoid depression or get rid of it; you should definitely maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Add nutrients such as proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates to your meal. And make sure to get your breakfast like a king and drink pure water throughout the day.

3 Engage in Meditation

Mind is both the main controller and cause of depression. If you can take the control of it and engage in all activities with consciousness; you will never be a victim of depression any more. Practice meditation to calm down your panicked mind. Initiate it from little time frames and extend it to much larger time frames. You will definitely gain the peace of mind and more energy which will drive you away from the burden of depression. Your mind will be freed from its own internal prison.

4 Go on outdoor recreation

We are tightly connected to the nature. That’s why mother-nature can easily solve the complex problems for us. All you have to do is just give her a chance and spend some time with her. Stop being caged inside and step outside. Go for outdoor recreation. That will definitely give you a relaxed mind. Furthermore as a fact dopamine and serotonin in sunlight stimulates your brain function and helps you to overcome problems.

5 Do Exercises on daily basis

As I said earlier healthy body is directly proportional to healthy mind. So if you intent to defeat depression; you should treat your body well. Do some cardio workout or simple aerobics according to your capability. It supports the efficient functioning of every organ.

You can start smaller. One day you can make it happen to a much advanced state. You will be amazed by your own capability and passion to exercise.

6 Go for Therapy

If any of above ways don’t work; you can seek the guidance of professional people who are experts in physical and psychological solutions for depression through therapy. Millions and millions of people are suffering from depression even at this moment. They tend not to expose their real state being scared of opinions and judgments of others. If you are a winner who overcame depression you can take the challenge to help them. Or else if you are a victim you could ask help from people who won over depression too.

Therefore it is crystal clear that there are natural ways for you to defeat depression without medication.