How To Eliminate Mucus And Phlegm From Your Throat And Chest

What are the main reasons for coughing & breathing issues?

Mainly because of the phlegm which gathers & obstruct the nasal and throat cavity.

Phlegm is a thick slimy substance which is rescued by the respiratory system in order to protect itself. Phlegm plays a big role in the respiratory system. The role is to collect and remove dust, harmful substances ( contaminants) & any substance which causes allergic reaction.

Apparently the body start creating excess amounts of phlegm which will result in coughing & body colds.

Phlegm is oftenly occured in a weakened body, maybe with mild breathing problems, fever or more liquid nose. If you don’t get rid of those the body starts getting barriers of the bronchial tubes.

Following are some excellent natural remedies to eliminate the excess of phlegm from the body.

  1. Turmeric

What happens when you use turmeric together with curcumin? This prevents the growth of diseases related with micro-organisms & provide strong antibacterial properties. Eventually this helps to expel muscus & phlegm while boosting the immunity system.

Steps to follow,

  • Add a teaspoon of turmeric to a glass of water
  • Stir after adding a half spoon of salt
    • Wash your mouth & throat (gargle) with the mixture for three times a day
  1. Honey & Lemon

This mixture has lots of antibacterial & anti-fungal properties. This component elements are lemon & honey.

Steps to follow,

  • Mix a tablespoon of organic honey & 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • Have it three times a day for better results
  1. Salt Water

This is good for the soar throat & to get rid of phlegm

Steps to follow,

  • Stir it well and dissolve it, then take a sip and bend your head backwards & gargle for a short time and spit out.
  1. Steam Inhalation

This is treatment of providing warm & moist air for the person to breathe. So this unstick the muscus in lungs and make it easier to eliminate from the body.

Steps to follow,

  • Take a large container and boil half teaspoon of thyme(a plant) and rosemary in water.
  • Cover your head completely with a towel
  • Start inhaling the steam

For best results you can repeat this few times daily and continue. Use essetial oil when you are taking hot baths as it has powerful antimicrobial effects. Make sure you bath twice a day with hot water to eliminate mucus fast.

  1. Ginger

You can either drink ginger water or eat 3-4 slice of ginger to eliminate mucus. This treats coughs and act as an expectorant too.

Steps to follow,

  • Add around 6 pieces of ginger & a teaspoon of peppercorn to boiling water
  • Boil it for few minutes & let it stay in the medium heat while bubbling gently
  • Afterwards add a teaspoon honey when its cooled & drink

So all the methods mentioned above are natural remedies that you can try to eliminate muscus. Other than that always drink hot water daily & also you can add more spices to your meal like pepper, chili or garlic etc.

According to the researches by Healthline, consuming more foods & beverages which contain lemon, garlic,  ginger, licorice root, ginseng, berries, Echinacea, pomegranate, guava tea, and oral zinc is good for boosting the respiratory system.

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