How to recognize fake friends : 5 important tips

“True best friends” are rare than diamonds these days as they go as soon as they come. But you have that small number of friends whom you can count on anytime. You can be completely open with these bunch of people and they also will be honest with you. They will accept you as the way you are and understand you in any situation.

Well the hardest part is knowing who to trust and who not to. So these are some things you need to consider and think about before making your circle.

They will call or contact you only when they want a favor or some other thing from you.

Out of nowhere if you get a message saying “Hi, how are you doing?” well then you need to be careful. If you really can’t remember when the last time is that person contacted you, the reason for contacting you suddenly is more likely to ask a favor from you. So without wasting time with the chitchat it’s always more efficient to ask “what do you need?” directly.  Make sure you recognize these type of friends and keep a good long distance from them.

They will be nowhere to be seen when you need them.

You should always follow the theory “ a friend in need is a friend indeed” . Hard times always put real friendships to the test. Remember the people who leave you in your hard times and recognize that the friendship with them doesn’t count as a “true friendship”.

They will use you as a source for information.

Some people only associate you cause you are a great source of valuable information. If you are working in a large company or in the government they will fish information from you to get benefits for them. These people never care what happen to you as they only want information from you. So you better recognize these people before they can cause trouble for you.

They will drag you down

Words are the most powerful weapons that can attack your mind, but also they can be used to heal you.  So if someone encourages you even with a single word you better consider him/her as a true friend. On the other hand fake friends will attack your mentality in a secret way, will not say a single encouraging word but will always remind you how you can fail. So choose wisely.

They will hurt you when they don’t get what they need.

Fake people are so focused on getting what they need and completely forget about you. So they always try to get what they need even if it means hurting you. They will start manipulating and controlling you and make you feel bad. Always be with the people who respect your decision and your own free will.

World is full of fake people . So always be careful when you pick up people . Be with someone that is valuable for your time.