Husband’s Reaction To Finding Out His Baby Has No Hands Put Doctors To Shame

When you are pregnant, what is the worst news you can hear? When she got the worst possible news that her husband was out of town, and her unborn baby was endangered, Vanessa McLeod was pregnant with her second child. About 19 weeks into the pregnancy, Vanessa recalls, saying “I had an appointment with my midwife. About an hour before my appointment, I got a call from her. She told me there were significant findings on the ultrasound.”

Since her husband was out of town, though it terrified her, and she had to hear it, she took her mom to the midwife’s office for the grave news. She whispered to her mother saying, “I just want to keep my baby. I just want to keep her. She was already so deeply entrenched in my heart, already a piece of me, a part of my being. I didn’t want to lose her. At that moment, I felt like I could handle anything, except losing her. I just wanted to keep her.”

The news was actually, heart-wrenching bad. With the possibility of having heart problems, or even a cleft lip, her baby had no arms or forearms. Since the first two were medical problems, and there were remedies for those, the last was a blow to the gut. When she rang her husband to tell him the worst news ever, from three hours away, he left his work and came home.

Saying that the baby’s quality of life would be really low, the doctors suggested terminating the pregnancy, but as a mother, Vanessa knew that she couldn’t do that to her baby, and even though she had spent hours looking into War Amps and prosthetics, the doctors just dismissed her research.

After talking to her husband, they decided that she was their baby, and hands or no hands; they would give their baby the best possible life, and decided to keep her. Being a premature baby, arriving 4 weeks early, baby Ivy is doing splendidly. With much love from her parents and older sister, Ivy and her family are getting marvelous support from the Lucky Fin Project.

Vanessa and her family are very sure that they made the right decision, and they will go through everything together, with the love and support from those around them. This family is one of the strongest and most loving families ever, because of the fact that husband and wife, mother and father, took this decision together.