‘Instagram vs. Reality’ Exposes The Actuality About Those Unrealistically ‘Perfect’ Pics

    As all of us know, there are many people who share, and who want to share, the perfect form of themselves on social media. They go on to take hundreds of pictures, and spend endless hours selecting the best images to be shared with others. This being said, there are some, who have taken this to the most extreme of levels. What reaches their followers is far from reality. So when the followers see and think about the flawless beauty of the people they admire, it is at a great cost to their self-esteem and mental health. Those ‘perfect’ celebrity pictures you see on Instagram and swoon are truly far, far from the casual posed snapshots they actually appear to be.

    image credits: lowkeykathyyyy

    Luckily, this problem has been identified, and some people are actually trying to reveal the false perceptions that take place behind the scenes. YouTube star Ethan Klein has a quite shocking and hilarious video which reveals the truth behind some of the most popular influencers the world knows. There is so much done behind the scenes, like hours of makeup, flattering poses, and all kinds of editing which takes place before the perfect, everyday photo is uploaded on social media.

    Hours of make-up, flattering poses and all kinds of editing take place before the ‘everyday’ shot is uploaded onto social media

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    Ethan sheds some light on the obvious deceits and lies that some of these celebrities do on a daily basis. His video shows that everything that you see online is not the truth, and is not real, and that under any circumstance, you shouldn’t compare yourself adversely to these influencers, because they too are human, and they truly are NOT who they want you to think they are.

    “I can’t get over the difference! Don’t believe what you see on Instagram folks”

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    Keeping aside the day to day ‘perfect’ lifestyle, it is truly revitalizing to see the true human side of all these people who we admire so much. Though initially social media had given us this golden opportunity to take a peek behind the curtain, unfortunately, nowadays most of the celebrity social media accounts are run by teams of advisors and managers, who will only share details which have been first sensibly vetted.

    “Excuse me what…”

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    Even though we admire and respect some celebrities, or even at times idolize them, we sometimes need the comfort in knowing that they are human too. Why do magazines with headlines that scream out ‘Cameron Diaz without make-up ’or ‘Beyonce’s acne problem’ always sell well? It’s because it gives people an inkling of behind the scenes, but wouldn’t it be better if there were way fewer lies and deception?

    “One for the boys out here. Magazines are just an illusion”

    Image credits: Instagramreality
    Image credits: Instagramreality

    “A campaign photo for Good American. You’d expect Photoshop, but possibly at a more professional level”

    Image credits: Imadadjoke