Larry Tesler – Man Who Invented Cut, Copy And Paste On Computers Dies, Aged 74

We all use Cut, Copy and Paste, right? Well, sadly, the man behind the Cut, Copy and Paste invention, computer scientist and former Xerox PARC, Apple, Amazon, and Yahoo! worker Larry Tesler is at rest at the age of 74. Though this computer scientist may not have been as famous as the other revolutionists in the technology industry, throughout the years, his invention has helped millions of people all over the world.

Could you ever imagine if we weren’t able to cut, copy and paste text, images, videos and everything else? Well, there was a time before computers, but can you imagine? Students will be lost and wouldn’t be able to finish their assignments and assessments. Copywriters would have their workloads just combust, and it would take much longer than usual trying to make a fire meme. We should give our thanks to Larry for his life-saving invention.

Credit: Yahoo! (Creative Commons)

American born Larry Tesler, was a student at Stanford University and studied Computer Science prior to joining Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) back in 1973. It was at PARC where his life-saving invention came to life. But it was too early to create the keyboard shortcuts.

Gizmodo states that Larry and Tim Mott, had created the initial version of the computer layout that we know and use today, called Gypsy, which was a ‘mouse-driven graphical user interface’. According to Gizmodo, it is described as a ‘click and type interface in which the user could, at any time, enter text at the current insertion point, or click where the insertion point should be repositioned’. Even though it sounds really basic, we need to remember that this was created decades ago.

After his groundbreaking cut and paste invention he went to work at Apple from 1980 to 1997, and took on various job roles, which included being the Vice President of AppleNet and Apple’s Chief Scientist. Later, he co-founded the Stagecast Software, a company that used to help kids learn various concepts of programming. After some time, he went on to join Amazon in 2001. Eventually moving up the ranks at Amazon, and becoming the Vice President of Shopping Experience, Mr. Tesler jumped ship to Yahoo!, where he was put in charge of the UX (user experience) and design group. After retirement, he spent his years doing consulting work.

He is also the person responsible, for developing the software, which allows us to use the keyboard to open up an application. Although there have been programs that could be opened, the commands had to be typed on another application that was running in the background.

We, as well as our future generations, take all these for granted, and expect everything to work exactly how it should. However, it is because of geniuses like Mr. Larry Tesler, who thought about this ingenious creation, before anyone even knew what a personal computer was. We thank you and salute you Larry Tesler.