Millionaire Buys An Old Cruise Ship And Turned It To A House For A Homeless!

    Housing is a major issue in Portland, Maine. A solution is nowhere near! But a kind-hearted businessman had thought and brought up with a unique idea. He bought an old unused cruise ship and made it a home for the homeless. Who was this genius?

    He is Ken Capron. He commented, “I wanna allow people to live on the boat and it would essentially create a floating neighborhood for the city”. This will create more affordable and space-saving houses around Portland.

    He also stated that they are looking for 4 types of homeless people.

    1. Homeless population
    2. Low-income population
    3. Workforce population
    4. Immigrant population

    Not only that, but mayor of Portland is also impressed with the idea bought by Capron.

    It is planned to modify the ship into 5 decks, each deck including about 100 homes provided with plenty of space.

    “It’s a creative idea, This is a solution to so many problems,” Capron commented.

    Now many of us have the question of “who the heck gonna pay for all this?”. The man with the idea also covered that part. The entrepreneurial spirit in Capron is 100% sure that his idea is doable, both financially and practically. A true entrepreneur indeed. Identifying the problem and creating a solution thinking outside of the box!

    Mayor Ethan Stripling is also confident that this is going to work!


    Surely this would not be a walk in the park. But Capron is ready to take the mantle. He is planning to proceed with the plan as soon as he gets permission.
    The project is named “Hope Harbor”, which literally gives hope for the homeless. Not only that Capron is hoping that this idea will inspire other cities as well to create similar housing projects.

    So what do you think about Capron’s idea? Successor failure? Let us know in the comments below.