Native Americans Left A Code Of 20 Rules For Mankind To Live By…

We have different believes and different declarations for wisdom and good life. But it should be mentioned that The Native American Code of Ethics which was published in 1994 in Inter-tribal Times is one of the most spiritually advanced code of ethics ever.

Disregard of being an American or not, it guides everyone to lead a great life. And the significance is that most of the points in this code of ethics could be witnessed in other beliefs too.

Probably one of the most spiritually advanced and character building code is The Native American Code of Ethics which was originally published in the Inter-Tribal Times in October of 1994.

It is a Code of Ethics that teaches everyone, American or not, how to live the best life.

It is fascinating to note that most of its teachings are reflected in other beliefs and faith too.

The Native American Code of Ethics

  1. Rise with the sun to pray. Great spirits are available to listen to you. So speak out by praying often and alone.
  2. Be tolerant about the lost souls. Be kind enough to stand with lost souls with ignorance, anger, greed and self-pride. Ignorance. One kind act by you could change their lives forever. Pray for them.
  3. Make your life decisions by yourself. Never let anyone to declare the path that you should follow. Keep in mind that others could support you and motivate you; but you are the one who is responsible for your life and you are the one who will have to live it.
  4. Treat the guests properly. Treat them with respect and honor. For an example arrange the best bed for them and prepare their meal with the best food they have.
  5. Do not commit stealing. Make sure not to take anything secretly from any other person or community. Keep in mind; if it’s not earned by you and not given to u; it’s not yours.
  6. Respect living beings– respect everyone including humans, different spices of animalsand trees.
  7. Honor other people’s thoughts, wishes and words. Everyone one earth should have the freedom to express themselves. All those thoughts and wishes should be respected.
  8. Never speak of others in a bad way. Remember that the universe multiplies the negative energy that was emitted by you.
  9. Everyone make mistakes. Because no one in the world is 100% perfect. All the mistakes deserve a correction and a second chance.
  10. Bad thoughts cause illness of the mind, body and spirit. Power of positivity is amazing. Optimism should be practiced by everyone.
  11. Nature is not FOR us, it is a PART of us. We are one family and we live on a cob web. All of us are connected to everyone. Animals, humans, plants and all other living beings are a part of our earth’s family.
  12. Children are the seeds of our future. Love should be planted in their hearts and wisdom in life should be taught. And finally when they grow up; enough space and freedom should be given.
  13. Avoid hurting others. Whatever you do will return to you. So does the pain that you give to others.
  14. Be truthful. Honesty is the best relative for us. Universe always protects the honest people in it.
  15. Keep yourself balanced. Mental, Physical and social wellbeing should be ensured. Whereas you should be physically and spiritually stable. Exercise your body to sparkle your mind. And improve your spirit to get rid of emotional troubles.
  16. Make conscious decisions. Don’t blame anyone else for your actions. Take the responsibility of them. Be conscious when you make a decision and think about the after effects of it.
  17. Respect the privacy of others. Don’t use others’ personal property without their permission. And it is forbidden to touch sacred and religious objects.
  18. Be true to yourself first. First be real to your heart. Then you can move on to help others.
  19. Respect others religious beliefs. Others should never be forced to embrace your religion.
  20. Share the good fortune.If you are lucky enough to be wealthy and happy in this life; make sure to share your good fortune with others by participating in charity.

Although we belong to different cultures and religions; we are all the same. We should be the protectors of the earth. Not the destroyers.