8 Outstanding Traits Of an Outgoing Introvert

World normally judges people based on their personality. Majorly there are two types; introverts and extroverts.

If you have a shy and dependent personality people identify you as an introvert where as if you are friendly and have an outgoing personality they identify you as an extrovert.

Anyway through hands on experience we know there is one another category that lies between these two types. They are named as ‘outgoing introverts’. Allen described characteristics of that species as follows: “People believe you are an extrovert, but you don’t feel like one. Outgoing introverts are usually mistaken to be extroverts. On the outside, an extrovert and an outgoing introvert behave in a likewise way.”

If outgoing introverts are observed further the following characteristics could be well identified. They love to go out but they have to make up their mind first. They don’t get immediate actions for outgoing.

These people have much more interactions with their soul when compared to others. So that they possess uniqueness, artistic skills, love, passion and mystery indeed.

These people may not reply back to a text but they will sit for hours to listen to you. Since they find people interesting sometimes. But sometimes get tired of them.

They love to have experiences but they value peace in mind too.

Now you may need to know more about these interesting personalities. Read below to know 8 major traits among them.

1. Hate small talks.

They don’t like to waste their time on empty talks without meaning. For an example if they know about the weather outside. They don’t want to talk about it. Instead they’d prefer dive into people and their characteristics to know their deep corners and secrets in the core of the heart. These outgoing introverts offer their time to listen to your problems, expectations and everything. They could predict and understand your emotions because most of the time they are fighting to come to terms with their own feelings.

2. Live in their inner world.

They always tend to talk to their inner soul. This is when the introvert comes out. They always think too much on all the little details of what another one told them and they try to understand the meaning of every work.

3. Need some time on their own.

After a much hard and busy day they would always prefer to have some time alone on their own. They will not love to talk to anyone for any reason at that time. And specifically friends shouldn’t get frustrated if they reject talking to them at that time.

4. The background is important.

Everything matters for these people including surrounding environment, music, vibe and emotional state etc. They would do anything if they are happy. They’ll engage in everything from their heart and soul. And will stay backward if they aren’t. They’ll prefer to stay faraway from others and start thinking and thinking. Others should understand the situation and tolerate on them without giving up.

5. Details are important for them.


Every little detail of the people who are closer to them matters to them. They strive to know when they are happy, sad or when they feel deceived. No one can lie to these outgoing introverts because they discover the truth sooner or later.

6. Other people’s comfort is important.

They never make anyone inconvenient or insulted. They smile with everyone and talk with everyone with the motive of making them feel comfortable. But some people misinterpret it as flirting.

7. Don’t like shallow friendships.

They never keep friends to increase numbers and show off. They’ll stop being friends if they discover that the other person isn’t committing their friendship from the soul.They are tough enough to say no to a dinner offer by a person who is hardly a friend of moral satisfaction.

8. Handling too many people is difficult.

They love to meet everyone but they are unable to deal with multiple people at once. They acquire much time to make bonds and relationships with new people.

Finally it could be concluded that we all have similarities and differences. Don’t we? We need to enhance similarities and tolerate differences to make this earth a better place. As the most intelligent species on earth we need to understand it’s the human nature to have different personalities since we have different brains and hearts that generate unique opinions and ideas.